Backpack - First Day Pack – it’s a day pack with 18 liters of overall capacity, can be put on as a sling backpack using one shoulder strap or as a classic backpack with two shoulder straps.

If you want to wear your backpack in the ‘sling’ mode, you need to draw tight one of the side straps located on central fastening, the other side strap can be unfastened. While using two straps carrying mode, central fastening hides in the pocket or backpack.

A backpack has one compartment with a wide opening angle. On the front side is a large Velcro panel for attaching patches and identifiers.  MOLLE interface is placed on the front and lateral sides of the backpack.

The universal compartment has side inlets from both sides and can be used for:

- attachment of different pouches, holsters, etc. depending on the user needs;

- carrying a laptop;

- carrying a hydraulic system.

The main backpack compartment is divided into two (central and universal) by a soft partition. The rear inner backpack side coincidently is the backside of universal compartment made as continuous Velcro-panel for attaching any additional or special gear such as a holster, accessories, tools, etc.

The partition between compartments has a protected pocket for a tablet, three flat pockets as well as an organizer panel with the bottom retainer.

The internal sides contain 3 pockets: two flat and one volumetric with a zipper.

On the central valve, there are two volumetric zipped pockets.

The sides have outlets for hydraulic hose or headset wires and antennas of communication devices.

Design features:

  • Backpack capacity - 18 liters;
  • Backpack size - 45 x 29 x 18 сm (height/width/depth);
  • Velcro-panel on the back wall of the backpack;
  • Loop for attaching a hydraulic system;
  • Outlets for a hydraulic hose on the side walls;
  • Two side quick-access zippered inlets;
  • The soft partition between the compartments with a secure pocket for a tablet and an organizer panel;
  • Three pockets on the inner sidewalls;
  • Two pockets on the front valve on the inner;
  • Elastic cord for securing items at the bottom on the inner side;
  • Top carrying handle;
  • Velcro-panel for fastening identifiers on the front side;
  • MOLLE system at the front, side surfaces;
  • Backpack weight - 1 kg.

Component parts:

  • Backpack;
  • Central strap with a removable retainer for a side tie;
  • Two side straps.


  • Main fabric - Cordura 500D with a polyurethane coating, NIR finishing (non-luminous in NVD) manufactured in Germany;
  • High-class nylon zipper;
  • Velcro YKK fasteners;
  • 2M accessories (Italy);
  • Extra-strong polyamide straps.

Backpack First Day Pack, 18 l.

  • Product Code: FDP
  • 100.00€