Designed to increase the ballistic protection of the frontal part of helmets from 1A class (acc. to ISTU 78-41-004-97) to 2 class of protection, as well as to increase the frontal part of the training (non-ballistic) helmets to the 1A class of protection.

With TOR-D helmet withstood ballistic tests holding a bullet 57-H-134c 7.62mm TT gun and a bullet FMG RN 9mm Luger at a distance of 5m at a speed of 436 m/s.

Material: aramid fiber.

Technical characteristics:

Total area of protection: 450 sq.cm
Weight: 500 +/-30 g

  • for the helmet in size L (54-58 cm)

  • Іfor the helmet in size ХL (59-62 cm) 


    The shape of the front-up protection plate ensures its use when applied on a helmet of a night vision device, video camera etc.
    Reliably fixes on the helmet shell using the Velcro hooks, which are located on the inner side of the shell 

Front-up ballistic protection BLOCK-F

  • Product Code: blokas-f
  • 190.00€