Designed to increase the area of protection of high cut ballistic helmets, provides additional protection in the ears and neck area from injuries caused by the destruction of shells, mines, hand grenades, and steel arms.


Protection against damage by fragments simulators with a typical mass of 1.1 g and a speed of 620-650 m/s from a distance of 5-10 m. (Element of defeat is the simulator A3 / 6723 according to the Annex to STANAG 2920).

Technical characteristics:


Sizes (no more than):

  • lenпth  – 160 mm; 

  • width –140 mm; 

  • thickness – 40 mm

The total area of protection: (no more than) 150 cm2 (75 cm2 on each side)


Weight of the kit: 350 +/- 20 g.

Available in two versions:

  • Flat (BSP-F);

  • Volumetric (BSP-V) which allows the use of a radio headset

BSP is mounted on side railings using fastening elements without special tools.

The outer surface of the ballistic plates is smooth, matte and has

an anti-reflective coating.

Provides operation and maintains protective properties in the temperature range from -50C to + 60C.


Equipment set:

  • left and right ballistic plates;

  • mounting elements;

  • manual;

  • package


Material: aramid fiber

Side protection block "BSP-V"

  • Product Code: BSP-V
  • 190.00€