Designed for the protection of the head during falls, blows, parachute jumping, and the impact of small non-ballistic fragments. Good for search and rescue operations, training, including training on the water. Made of lightweight carbon fiber, which improves its resistant to extreme environmental influences.

Protection standards:

Meets the requirements of international standards EN 1385: 1997 and EN 12492: 2002

Others characteristics:

  • Material of the helmet armor shell (carbon fiber) provides ultra-high durability and light weight, ensures the product operation for all climate conditions considering the influence of precipitation.

  • There are waterproof and fire-resistant layers on the outer side of the helmet shell (under the paint).

  • There is anti-glare coating above the paint on the outer side of the helmet shell.

  • Design of the retention and shock-absorbing system contributes to a head passive ventilation

  • Compatible with ballistic masks, tactical and correcting glasses, night vision gears, active headphones, various radio headsets, gas mask and respirators. 

  • Helmet sizes are tuned by adjusting the retention system and the internal location of damper pads. 

Basic equipment set:

Additional accessories:

           -textile camouflage cover

Additional design solutions:

​The shell of the helmet can be made of polycarbonate or polyamide.

Tactical helmet - TREK

  • Product Code: TREK
  • 530.00€