This Helmet is intended for individual protection of the head of the members of the crew of the tank and other armored vehicles from the defeat by the bullets of short-range small arms, shell fragments, mines and hand grenades, steel arms.
Provides communication between crew members, combat vehicles, units and command through regular communication devices of the armored vehicles during combat missions.


  • Class 1A (Stechkin APS) according to ISTU (Industry standards of Ukraine) 78-41-004-97

  • NIJ STD 0106.01 Level IIIA

  • NATO STANAG 2920 standard is at level V50=695,2 m/s (FSP=1,102 g)

The helmet has a modular design and consists of an aramid ballistic shell, a polyurethane liner and a system of active headphones with a headset.
Total weight of the helmet with ballistic shell and headphones does not exceed 1800 g.

Equipment set:

Tank Bulletproof Helmet TOR-BT (predevelopment)

  • Product Code: TOR-BT
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